The goals we’ve identified are:

  1. Obtain commitment from schools to work towards standardized social media use.
  2. Collect data to inform realistic policy recommendations. (The survey was one step – what esle would you like to know?)
  3. Draft standardized guidelines documents for staff, faculty, students. (What do you think about the staff policy recommendation? Would your school adopt it?)
  4. Recruit schools willing to adopt the guidelines and provide feedback to the group.
  5. Evaluate feedback, adjust recommendations as necessary.
  6. Seek adoption of best practices guidelines by every law school in the land.
  7. Bask in the glory of well-connected students, collaborative faculty, integrated staff, engaged alumni, and an informed public…

If you would be willing to assist with any of these steps, or have recommendations for timing and staging of our goals, let’s hear it!

What would be a good timeline to for completion? How about six months and something to brag about at the AALS annual meeting in January?

If you ever would prefer to contribute via email, feel free to contact me at or Austin at