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We welcome Social Media Best Practices discussion on Twitter. Here are some participants. See this Social Media Law Student post for a more complete list of law schools using Twitter. Please leave your Twitter username in the comments (and your position and school affiliation if you’d like, of course) in the comments to add to […]

I’m wondering if anyone is recommending specific social networks to students/alumni? At Iowa, we’re recommending LinkedIn and Twitter (though, of course, Twitter’s status as a “social network” as opposed to another type of platform is debatable). What other sites are you using or recommending? Here are some legal-community specific ones that I’m aware of… Whoever […]

Here is a presentation provided by Aaron Rester, from a talk he gave at the 2009 eduWeb conference on using Twitter in higher education.

Here are the results of the survey on how law schools are using social media, from July 2009: Excel spreadsheet of survey results. Each question is its own page. There were 138 respondents total. The original survey is still posted here. Since one of the webinar attendees asked which schools were represented in the survey, […]

The goals we’ve identified are: Obtain commitment from schools to work towards standardized social media use. Collect data to inform realistic policy recommendations. (The survey was one step – what esle would you like to know?) Draft standardized guidelines documents for staff, faculty, students. (What do you think about the staff policy recommendation? Would your […]